Add Kodi Device

AndyMOTE can directly interface with Kodi Devices.

You can add a Kodi device to AndyMOTE in the Add Device view.

In the pre-configuration dropdown; select Kodi. if you do this then the Add Device view Device name and icon will change, and the Transmit Duration and Select Remote views will disappear, to be replaced with the option to enter the IP Address of the Kodi Device you wish to add. You can enter your own name for the Kodi Device and/or select the icon you want to use by pressing the Change Icon button.

Once you have populated all the required fields in this view, a Done button will appear. Press this to complete the process.

Pushing the Back button at any time will cancel the operation.

Kodi Configuration

In order for AndyMOTE to work with your Kodi device the latter must be configured as described below:

In Kodi v17 and above:

  • Go to Settings->Services->Control;
  • Enable the setting Allow remote control via HTTP;
  • Ensure the Port number is set to 8080;
  • Ensure that the Username and the Password are empty;
  • Enable Allow remote control from applications on this system

Kodi: Supported Commands

The figure shows and example key layout for a kodi device representing all the kodi commands supported by AndyMOTE.

The table below details the functions of each key in this layout.

Icon Key Function
Power Off
On Screen Display
Goto Home Screen
Seek step backward 10min*
Seek step backward 30sec*
Seek step forward 30sec*
Seek step forward 10min*
Previous queued video
Next queued video
Page Up
Key Up
Volume Up
Page Down
Key Left
Key Right
Volume Down
Display Codec Info
Key Down

* indicates kodi default setting

Example Kodi Device Layout