Activity Remote

The Activity Remote screen opens when you click on an Activity Item in the Navigation Menu. When first initiated the Activity will switch Devices into the required state (ON if needed, otherwise OFF); then the Activity startup Key Sequence will be transmitted if one has been set.

From here you can:

  • Press Keys to send the appropriate Infra-Red Command(s) to Devices,
  • Open the Navigation Menu and from here:
  • Edit the remote layout* (Press at top right of screen)

*Edit Mode is described below.

An activity continues to run until you either:

  • Press the OFF button, or
  • Press the Back button, or
  • Switch to another Activity via the Navigation Menu, or
  • The App is forcefully terminated

When transmission is in progress this is indicated by a icon at the top left of the remote.

Edit Mode - Key Options

In edit mode; if you click on a Key, a popup menu will appear offering up to four options:


Moving Keys is undertaken by either exchanging the positions of two Keys or moving a Key into an empty position indicated by . Select the Move option then click on the destination position you want.

Edit Key

Select the Edit Key option to Edit the Key.

Delete Key

If the Key is a Custom Key you will be given the option to delete it.

Insert Row Above

To create space on the Remote select Insert Row. Note that AndyMOTE will automatically remove any completely empty rows when you finish editing.

When you have finished editing push the check at the top right of the screen.

Edit Mode - Create Custom Key

In edit mode; if you click on an empty Key position, indicated by , a popup menu will appear and you have the option to Create a Key. Select this option to create a Custom Key.

When you have finished editing push the check at the top right of the screen.