Create Activity

An Activity combines a number of Devices to provide a 'super' remote control. You are able to add custom keys to an Activity Remote that can send key sequences to one or more devices.

To navigate to the Add Activity view, click on the menu icon (☰) at the top left corner of the main screen; then, in the Activity section of the menu, click Add.

Here you need to decide:

  • The name of the activity you are adding,
  • The icon that should be displayed in the Navigation Bar for this item,
  • The Devices associated with this Activity.

You can select a pre-configuration setting; if you do this then the Activity name and icon will be automatically selected for you. Alternatively you can enter your own name for the Activity and/or select the icon you want to use by pressing the Change Icon button.

The bottom part of this view contains a list of Devices which you have added. (from the LIRC Subsystem); you should select the devices you wish to include in your Activity.

When selecting the devices you should indicate if the device is a 'Media Player' (MP), a 'Volume Controller' (Vol), Both, or something else ('Other').

The 'Media Player' is the Device in your Activity which undertakes Media Playback (eg BluRay Player or Kodi Box). The initial Activity Remote will be based on this Device if you specify one.

The 'Volume Controller' is the Device in your Activity which controls the volume; this device should contain Volume Up/Down controls and Mute control (See the Key Guide).

If the device is neither a 'Media Player' nor a 'Volume Controller' select 'Other'

Important: any number of Devices can be designated as 'Other'; but there can be only one 'Media Player' and one 'Volume Controller' per Activity. 'Other' is mutually exclusive to 'Media Player and 'Volume Controller'.

Once you have populated all the required fields in this view, a Done button will appear. Press this to complete the process.

Pushing the Back button at any time will cancel the operation.