Control all your infra-red devices from one Mobile App
IMPORTANT NOTE: You must build an AndyMOTE Server for this App to work.
  • 'Remote Control' style interface
  • Create Custom Macros
  • Arrange 'Buttons' to your liking
  • Use your own icons
Requires Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher and WiFi connection to server.


The AndyMOTE App provides a single interface for multiple infra-red remote controls.

The aim of AndyMOTE is to provide a fully customisable 'remote control' for controlling all devices used by any given 'activity' (eg Watch BluRay).

For more information about the AndyMOTE App, see the User Guide.

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Version 19.01.8

Released on 10-Feb-2019, 2019
  • NEWInitial Release


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